Monday, November 16, 2009

Re Batching Cold Processed Soap

Hi again.

What attracted me to cold process soap making was the idea of re batching this soap.

Re batching is taking cold or hot processed soap, melting it down with some liquid, and re molding it for another cure time.
Many wonder at those who do this, and most do it to fix a batch of soap they think has gone wrong according to their expectations. The rare person who enjoys this process, because it takes so much longer to have it available for sale, and it takes a lot more involvement with the soap. I was attracted to it to make soap in pretty molds and to be able to scent with more expensive oils.

So, my first 6 batches of loaf soap were unscented so that I could re batch it all.

Was I crazy? Then? Because, that is a lot of soap to re batch not knowing what I was getting into. Now? Because, I still try to re batch. With frustrating results, still. Re batching takes so much longer to re cure and seems to lose scent along the way.

Next time, I'm using milk...I've heard such good things about using milk with which to melt it down.

Re batching is difficult, because according to how dry your soap base is is how much liquid you add. So, often it is guesswork. You want it to liquefy enough to pour into a mold and allow it to fill all crevasses.

My last recipe involved taking a pound of soap to 9 oz. liquid. Still seems a bit much on the liquid end. It melted down and most I was able to pour.

This is my first success as far as very hard bars go. The scent is good in some, less in others. But, I am disappointed in the lather of the bar. I guess adding water to a completed soap might mess the lather properties up. It is harder than cold processed soap, but doesn't lather as well. I like my soap to lather and smell good.
So, it is back to the drawing board once again, because I would like to be able to tell someone how to re batch soap with some measure of confidence.

Thanks for reading. :)SCH


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